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August 28/2019


Maildroid is small robust library for sending emails through SMTP server. Maildroid on Github

Motivation behind this library

I had few client project in my freelance days that needed app to send beauty emails. Client wanted html/css styled emails for price of an app. Most clients don't have assets to build special API in PHP or Node to send such email so they relay on app developer to come up with a way. All mailing clients that were on github were to old and had 0 documentation.

Why Kotlin

Kotlin is my new best friend. I am not kidding it s best language I have ever use. It's so elegant and so powerful ,I had 0 doubts that it's language for this task.

  • After version v0.0.1 app just received first contributor and one of his first commits were DSL implementation.

How this actually works?

You can imagine Maildroid as simple wrapper for big Java Mail API. It handles everything for you ,and it s super efficient in doing it.

Code part

Library is using widely use builder pattern to get parameters that are needed to send emails

Do I think it's successful?

Yes,I had great traction on github ,and reddit. By today library has 87 stars on github.