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February 7/2020

Mask 😷 Mask is FREE and NO ADS ⛔ app that lets you monitor AQI level from all over the globe

Mask's main function is to be a useful companion in your day to day routine. Mask is built by having simplicity in mind. Every aspect is modular and easy to understand.

Mask provides you the ability to learn about various harmful pollutants in the air. By using always on top notification technology Mask lets you to always be notified about air quality data even if the app is closed.

Main features:

• Powerful AQI monitoring

• Showing precautions that you should take on various AQI levels 🏔️

• Robust analytics and comparison between 2 cities 🤓

• Information about various pollutants (SO2, NO2, CO, H, PM2.5, PM10)💀😷

• Always on top notification for easy access • Share air quality data with your friends and family and keep them safe

Mask is an open-source project that the main goal is to give everyone the ability to be informed about potential health hazards 😱 in the air of their environment.

Application is developed with 💓 in 🇧🇦

Download from Google Play store: