Process of creating app

July 25/2019

App in nutshell

When we Google definition of word "app" we receive this definition "an application, especially as downloaded by a user to a mobile device" That is true but I have better definition "an app is downloaded content that provides user solution on problems that they are encountering".

How to get app idea?

It s not important if you work on Android or iOS platform . Getting idea is the same . We can search for idea ,but best idea find us.

I have idea, now I want to execute it !

First of all you need to create plan. To write good plan follow these easy steps.

We are rolling....

  • Sketch everything in mockup app of your choosing
  • On paper go over every screen of your app
  • Start coding step by step ,flowchart by flowchart
  • Research for best database if your app will need one or make your own server API on Node/Flask/Django/Laravel or other.
  • Share app with your few friends get as many review as possible
  • Launch with detail in mind .Launch campaign is important as coding the app.

Can you share some indie developers to follow them for more reference?

I recommend YT Tracker developer @edouard_iosdev who is posting every day on instagram about his journey on the topic