How was born?

July 24/2019

Idea is simple keep-track platform about my presence as developer. I try to unified everything I have learned about web development and build something that can handle my requests now and in future.

How I manage to do it in few days.

I love doing mobile app development and thats my place to shine, but I am also really curious person. I want to build what ever I want ,no matter how hard or how time consuming it can get. I want to make it. I am constantly working on new apps and learning new things. I have no time to consume on such a project but I manage to do it.

Planing is really important

I have to find out way to make this platform as simple as possible and to have all features I had in mind.

My checklist :

  • Platform easy to read
  • Simple design
  • Markdown editor as main editor for adding content on site
  • Admin CRUD functions
  • Database

My technology of choice was Node and Firebase . ** Node + Express ** best combination to start. Database choice Firebase ,it consists of Firestore and Firebase hosting functionalities. For views my choice was EJS


Most time went on getting data from Firebase and making it work from client and from server side (such a hustle). Express and Node worked perfectly.

Is it open source ?

Sadly ,no this is unique project I am not confident as putting open source. It so messy and has 0 commented code in it. I am not confident enough I will have time to revisit this soon.

Final words

This was great experience but I really want to go forward with my android projects.